OMB Overview

At O'Conor, Mason & Bone, P.C., we work to successfully resolve business controversies for our clients whether in the federal or state courts, or by arbitration, by providing top quality legal services at reasonable costs. Cases we handle include oil and gas disputes, litigation, employment, estate planning/probate, insurance, intellectual property, mediation, personal injury, and both residential and commercial real estate matters, particularly including landlord-tenant matters.

Our lawyers are able to work with clients on flexible fee structures. For example, depending upon the situation, we can accept cases based upon a contingent fee arrangement. Terms vary depending on the nature of the case. Under a typical arrangement, we advance out-of-pocket expenses associated with the action, including filing fees, deposition costs, copying charges, and expert witness fees. Expenses advanced are repaid to us exclusively out of any recovery obtained, whether by settlement or judgment. We also receive a percentage of any recovery, net of the expenses, as compensation for our services. On other matters, we are able to bill our clients on an hourly basis. In such matters we record our time for services rendered in 1/10 hour increments of time rather than the tradition 1/4 hour increment for additional savings and benefit of the client. We will also charge our client for various costs and expenses incurred (such as filing fees, court costs, mail charges, photocopy charges and the like) and other similar costs incurred by our firm in providing our client our legal services.

Not Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.